Y42 Ultimate Well-Being At Beach Sun Retreat UK

What a week! I’m shattered!

I absolutely loved bonding with my girl, Halle, at the Y42 Ultimate Well-Being Retreat in Kent. It was a an intense week, full of fun, laughter and open mindedness to say the least. The house is placed beautifully on the seafront which reminded me of my childhood, living on the coast of Barrow in Furness, and the summer days we spent cockle picking and watching my Dad wind surfing.

The house is wonderful…complete with a sauna, a natural sun lamp and beach scene background! The bedrooms are wonderfully themed, from a white John Lennon inspired room complete with piano to a gangster room but I definitely think we had the best room…an Indian inspired room, which even had a swing in the middle! It was a good job there was no alcohol involved because that could have been interesting. I had visions of being pushed too high and flying through the window!! Anyway this was a detox, so the swing was left intact.

We arrived on the Monday afternoon and were given our first juice of a 3 day cleanse, starting with a yummy carrot and ginger juice and shortly after we went into a yoga class. This was great for me as I have been suffering lately with a bad back from doing boxing, so I know I am missing yoga and stretching properly. This was followed by a super long Savasana, which was much needed after the long drive that Halle and I had.

The next day was an early start 7.30 meet up and we began with a slow, silent, mindfulness walk on the beach, being present with each step absorbing the smell, the sight and every sensation. This is something everyone should really do more often as we walk around with our head full of things, without any real focus on the beauty that surrounds us. Although this did feel a little strange at first and we got a few weird looks from other walkers, haha! Especially when we had to stand in a circle and talk about what we were grateful for! Now I’m sure some of you might be reading this thinking that it’s definitely out of my comfort zone but that’s why it was so good because we don’t express our gratitude enough and let alone out-loud to a group of people we just met! They are just words and thoughts and the more we express them the more of a positive impact they have on our well-being! Believe me there was definitely a need to get comfortable being uncomfortable! Once we were back and set up for the first talk which was based around where we are in our life, limitations, things that are holding us back and all the rest of the stuff we continue to ignore on this rat race called life, but, before that we had to jump up and dance around like we had just necked 2 tequila shots!!! It really wasn’t that bad and trust me by the second day this become second nature! By day 3 I was dancing like I used to when I was a little girl throwing my arms and legs around spinning, swooping it felt so invigorating.

The next few days were a combination of dancing like no one was watching, yoga, meditation, deep talks, manifestations, letting go of limitations and the breath workshops that were definitely an experience I recommend you try, if you haven’t already, this gives a whole new meaning to breathing. It’s so beneficial for you, stimulating your body, blood cells and also has the ability to take you to a different dimension…the visions are intense and every experience is unique. On the third day we were emotionally and physically drained without food. Halle was struggling after the 36 hour fasting we did. She was very apprehensive about the thought of not eating for 3 days but the juices were delicious and just about kept me going! I was ready with bells on for the evening meal on the Wednesday night and it didn’t disappoint!! All vegan and super tasty and colourful everyone was happy and content and went to bed with a full belly full of healthy goodness. On the last day was the ice bath which I actually really liked and felt great after not too much different than the wild water swims I have done so I guess I had an advantage on that, jumping into the sauna straight after and it was all worth it!

There were times when I thought ‘what the hell am I doing here’, especially when doing chaotic breathing (short sharp blasts out your nostrils)…don’t worry, we all got a special device, in our goody bags, to clear out our noses first!

By pushing my boundaries, and doing so with my daughter, give me an overwhelming sense of pride to share this experience with Halle at just 17. I wish I had the opportunity of learning this kind of heightened awareness at such a young age. It’s so valuable to have those tools and learnings so early on in life. Apart from sharing this with Halle, it wouldn’t have been so good without the incredible humans we shared the retreat with, so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart to the Y42 team. Rohini and Karl are very passionate about helping inspire others, and of course thank you to all the beautiful souls who attended I love you all (you know who you are). Thank you for an amazing week of love, education, compassion, self reflection, knowledge, strength and relaxation!

This was one experience I will never forget and has given me memories I will cherish forever! One last thing I will say…if you go to Y42, be prepared to be fully absorbed and in it 💯 % and get comfortable being uncomfortable (in a good way).

You will leave feeling like you can take on the world and challenge anyone in a dance off at any time of the day without a glass of wine, while oozing confidence!!! 💃🏼

With Love Leanne xx

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