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How’s everyone feeling?

Thank you for coming back.

I have had a whirlwind week of ups and downs…lots of support regarding speaking out last week, and of course, as I predicted lots of attacks. I expected that, so it’s OK. The most important thing to me, right now, is to continue to be true to who I am and speak my truth, and my own opinion and not fall in line with the warped perception of what society is becoming because you are being told it’s for the greater good!

As I said last week, the truth will be revealed…the only thing that is feared by those who hit out at people such as myself, that dare to question the narrative, is in fact fear itself! Fear of being wrong, being educated through the system at this stage can be to their own detriment, to see things as they really are is proving more difficult. The ego!

I will continue to fight for you all though, regardless. I know it will happen…when the time is right, you will learn, grow and be open to fighting back to protect yourself and the future generations to come!

I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of peaceful gatherings happening in the near future. @Standupx_ on 1 August in London and also @save_our_children.uk on 22 August in Liverpool. If you would to get involved your presence would be gratefully welcome.

Let’s just leave that there for now, as I want to talk about something more positive today.

As you may have seen from my live shows on Shinny’s Facebook page, as well as now on my own page @with.love.leanne on a Wednesday night, I’m trying to spread awareness about the importance of taking the time to look after our mental heath through mindfulness, meditation, affirmations and self love.

Meditation, in particular, has become an important part of my life. I genuinely feel like it has such an impact on my day for the better. It’s not something that you can do one day or for a week and think, ‘oh well I tried it, couldn’t do it, it just didn’t work for me.’

Meditation is a lifestyle change, it’s a practice that needs to be repeated regularly and the more you do it the more you want to do it. Like going to the gym, you wouldn’t expect the perfect body if you went to the gym for a week! Same with the mind, it takes training to become better. Patience is important. The benefits are huge so hang on in there!

Many people say to me they can’t do it as they find it too hard to stop thinking and we kind of have this vision that we have to become some yoga guru and be able to meditate like Buddhist Monks do for hours on end. Although some people do take it to the extreme and go to do just that, this is not necessary, and now it’s become a westernised practice that can be done by anyone, and should be, in my opinion, brought into schools as part of their curriculum. It’s such a valuable life tool to have.

Thinking is something that happens, thousands of thoughts pop in and out of our minds throughout the day, especially if we decide we don’t want to anymore it’s pretty unrealistic to just expect your mind to switch off.

This then becomes frustrating as thoughts pop in and it’s like a battle trying to stop them only falling into more thoughts kind of like a spiral staircase.

The aim of meditation is to be in the present moment and by doing so, slow down the thoughts but when they do come just to become aware of them and let them pass by. We go through life so obsessive over things that need to be done tomorrow or next week or things we may have forgotten to do yesterday. Practicing meditation just gives you that time and focus to bring your feet back on the ground and focus on only just being, for a moment in time and just allowing that connection between yourself and the earths gravity through your soul.

It’s like pressing refresh on a computer button and just allowing the mind to clear out the nonsense, so you can create room for new ideas and new thoughts instead of the worry or the regret.

Imagine when you meditate, it’s like removing yourself from a busy rush hour traffic jam to sitting on top of a sky scraper. You don’t need any of that hustle and bustle just take a deep breath and remove yourself by going back within, just be, as you sit on the top of the building you look down at the traffic, then you look up and you see the most beautiful sunset, it’s so peaceful up there and this is where I would choose to be.

There are so many benefits to regular meditation. The most obvious would be stress relief, as mentioned above, how the brain becomes so consumed with things continuously without giving your brain a break, this can lead to serious issues.

Meditation helps to balance the nervous system, balancing hormones and increases brain coherence. Studies have shown that, when practiced, there is a higher work efficiency as well as performance, at school for students. All levels of brain capacity are enhanced and a higher level of intelligence is achieved. It is also effective in reducing blood pressure and heart disease in the elderly too.

Finally better relationships…this is one I notice. When I don’t do my daily practice my whole day seems to be out of synchronicity and can have an effect on my whole family. If mum has not meditated stay out of my way! Haha! It really is that powerful!

We really do have the capability to heal, if we only take the time to invest in ourselves and learn how our incredible body works…not just in the physical but energetically. We are fascinating, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for that.

We take on so much and always feel like there is more we should or could be doing, but I have learned that sometimes it’s doing less that has the biggest impact. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you sit around being a couch potato and just wishing for things. What I mean is, sometimes we just need to slow down, connect, gain some real clarity on what it is we would like to attract into our lives and focus. Watch the magic happen. Think about it…if there is a whole heap of conflicting energy flying around in your head, so much that even you can’t make head nor tail of it, then how is the universe supposed to understand you!


With love and light Leanne xxx

P.s. see you Wednesday night at 8pm my lovelies

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