What Will You Tell Your Children’s Children?

Hey guys, how are we all doing this week?

I have to be honest, I have been feeling a little frustrated this week and took to my story to express my concern.

I really am worried for so many people that have become so brainwashed into following these rules and restrictions…so fearful to go out without a mask, even outside IN THE FRESH AIR! We were meant to breath in oxygen, I just do not understand why you would want to inhibit your ability to do this!

Someone messaged me when someone had approached them and their little boy, outside in the park, and asked why they didn’t have masks on? Did they want to catch Covid, to which the 7 year old boy replied…. I am not wearing a mask, you look stupid in yours, I am outside and the trees give us oxygen, so why would I want to wear one. I haven’t wore a mask and haven’t got Covid! ???????????????????????? Brilliant! What a smart young man!

I see the elderly covering their faces in the street, struggling to breath, so indoctrinated to follow the rules and do what they are being told! This is so dangerous as these people have probably lived through far worse than this, yet are still caught up in the fear and manipulation. I feel so sad for them.
The problem is this is causing a pandemic of the next generation of OCD, anxiety and mental health problems, which are going to be riddled through our future children if this madness isn’t stopped now!

Babies that are unable to read faces, only see scary eyes everywhere they look, unable to connect with others through a smile or frown to recognise emotions from others.

If I see children wearing masks I have no words other than this is out right child abuse and you should be ashamed of yourself if you are allowing this to happen! Programming at its best! I am worried for our children!

16,000 people died over 2 months of causes unrelated to Covid, but were caused because of the lockdown and isolation measures! Not to mention how many unemployed there are… we have gone into the biggest recession in history…does that not mean anything to you?? Are you not wondering why, when this is a 99.7% survival rate.

There has been countless doctors and scientists expressing their concerns about people wearing masks, increasing the carbon dioxide they are inhaling and in turn doing more harm than good…causing respiratory illnesses, which is the very thing you are supposed to be protected from!

A friend of mine told me she knows someone who became really ill and went to get tested to find out she had legionaries disease!!!!

If you could actually see the amount of bacteria that is building on your mask I’m sure you would put it straight in the bin! Speaking of which, have you not even thought to question why on Earth there is no biohazard bins everywhere you look if this IS AS CONTAGIOUS AS WE ARE BEING LED TO BELIEVE! I mean, if we are being told to wear masks when we are healthy human beings in case of being asymptomatic surely the germs on our masks could spread once the masks have been discarded??? Nothing makes any sense!!! Ok, yes, they are supposed to be disposable but let’s face it, people are and will continue to wear the same ones over and over again in which case what is the point? This virus is supposed to be able to come through your eyes, so what happens when we are told to wear goggles! ???? Too ridiculous??

Well to be honest that’s how I feel about the masks, the fact so many have been so easily manipulated into following this bullshit and it’s not something they say is only for a week or two, oh no, this is here to stay as long as you’re compliant. This is not about health, it’s about control! The longer you allow it, the longer it will continue.

The figures have been admitted to be completely inflated, the proof is there. There is more chance of dying by falling out of bed, but yet it’s too late the fear has taken over and the complete cognitive dissonance from those who now refuse to see anything other than what is being rammed down their throats by the government and the mainstream media!

I have just watched Dr Fauci now say to wear masks whilst running, are you fu**ing kidding me? I honestly think this stuff is being made up as they go along to make you realise this is absolute rubbish!

The tests being sent to parents to ask children to take part in tests…WHY… when children are not effected-we know this! The only reason is so they can say there are so many positive results, which will have been falsely reported! Like so many have already or because they are asymptomatic, they are spreaders and can spread to teachers etc, roll on next week or two and low and behold the schools shut down again blah blah yawn it’s just so obvious!

Why are so many compelled to follow these rules apart from the fact we are told we doing our bit for humanity, which is again BS, it’s the opposite! Let’s think about it, from the second we are born we are put into a box of belief systems following from what our parents beliefs are? Religion, race, politics, class, even what football team we should follow ???? These are nothing to do with us as human beings, this is a belief system, which is then rooted into our subconscious. From the age of 0-7, we are moulded like molten glass into whatever shape is intended or forced upon us by others.

Human brains have connectors that are not fused when we are born, this is why we are so reliant on parents or others to take care of us…how we are treated, nurtured and loved or neglected will have an impact on our development and personality in the first 7 years.

We are sent to school into a system where we are led to follow the authority of teachers and are punished when we step out of line. This is all preparing us for this very moment in time, potentially, where most will not dare question the narrative. As children if we step out of line, we are seen as misbehaving or difficult as adults, we are also now being shamed and made to feel like we are crazy and unreasonable, we are shot down, WHY because we stand out from the crowd. We are not standing in line paying attention, we are the free thinkers! Look back in history how many FREE THINKING people have made history?

The trouble is we long to belong and fit in as that is how we are moulded…be a good girl, do as your told, keep your mouth shut, and head down and you will do just fine, you will go through life without growing or expanding your knowledge, but you will be part of something! That something is nothing more than a herd a number in society that means nothing to those in charge!

It’s so sad how we are afraid to stand up against this narrative as most would prefer to blend in to the masses whether we believe what we are being told or not, whether we enjoy wearing a mask or not, (I mean not sure how anyone could enjoy wearing one) we just prefer to do it so we don’t attract attention! Why are we so frightened to stand out, stand up, this is our human right, our right to breath, our freedom, if you don’t stand up now your children and grand children have no chance at all!

For the record I have never worn a mask and I do not intend to wear one! I am not ashamed and I am not part of the problem! I am trying to wake you up to solve the problem that you are allowing them to continue to create!

This is literally history in the making! One way of looking at it is it’s a really crap year, where everyone is living in fear, prepared to go to any lengths to bully and shame another for not blindly following this ludicrous narrative and just pray it will go back to the hamster wheel it was before, where we were all being fooled and controlled but at least we could go out without a mask and go back to work and go to a club!

Frankly I don’t want that to happen, that won’t solve anything, we are here now, we need to move forward… going back to the old is not going to happen. This will be the new normal until a vaccine comes out, then that will be the next shaming, bullying tactic they will be indoctrinating into the masses to turn on each other like animals… the mask is just a training device!

The vaccine that is being produced in record time has absolutely zero liability-NONE! So if ANYTHING HAPPENS TO YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN and you can no longer work or live a normal life, then it’s game over you are basically f**ked! No payout or compensation coming your way. It was bad enough before to get money from the government for vaccine injuries (which is coming from us the taxpayers) as, yes, if you didn’t know pharmaceutical companies do not have any liability since 1985…ask yourself why??

I’ll tell you why, because they threatened to stop making vaccines due to the high level of lawsuits against them for injuries so they give them indemnity! So now take a look at how many vaccines are given to our children since 1985!!! Since they were given indemnification they boosted the production of vaccines…of course why wouldn’t they, without liability they could be giving you heroin and you would have no comeback!

While we are talking about toxic ingredients, I invite you to do a little research on those too! Something that has massively come under scrutiny over the years and is never exposed but now more than ever people are daring to question the safety and effectiveness of them! They sure don’t like that! That’s you doing that thing again FREE THINKING, oh no, how dare you think for yourself and ask a question!!! Let’s shame them, embarrass them, shoot them down, brand them ‘those damn antivaxers!’

I just had one poor lady tell me she had decided not to vaccinate her baby and she was told by the nurse ‘YOU DO KNOW SHE WILL DIE’ I kid you not!!! How absolutely disgusting is that! The lengths they will go to is absolutely appalling! I am outraged by this and there are thousands of stories like this, let alone the parents that have been left to pick up the pieces of the injured children of vaccines, and are being told there is absolutely no link between vaccines and their child’s injuries! As a mother I just cannot imagine how soul destroying that is to first watch your child go from being a healthy, happy, responsive one to the complete opposite! It’s criminal, in fact it’s just plain evil! And it needs to stop!!!

If you believe that all vaccines are necessary and they saved the world, they are all safe and effective ???? blah blah, then I know you have not looked at both sides of this coin. There are the ones that are trying so hard to protect their education and the things they have been taught and paid for, against what the minority, who have had the balls to dig that bit deeper and delve into the depths of the truth of this! In doing so risking their jobs, careers, reputation…they stand to lose everything so why would they unless it was about one thing…that is TRUTH!

The ones that are trying to censor them are the ones getting paid big ££$$ by, yes you guessed, Big Pharma, in this case Bill Gates (the saviour!) I mean again if your someone who still believes he is genuinely interested in doing any thing good for humanity I urge you at least to watch the latest documentary released yesterday, Freedomplatform.tv/plandemic, it will blow your mind! This is not a drill, this is real shit happening under your very noses everyday, taking a little bit of your freedom without you even noticing! The TV is your enemy right now, it is poisoning your mind against humanity, switch it off! Take off your mask, breath and live your life, before there is nothing left to live for! Don’t be afraid to speak your truth! This is a great time to be alive, this is a revolution…what will you tell your grandchildren about 2020? How did you fight back? Or did you just roll over and let someone else fight for you! It’s time to rise up!!!


With love, light, strength, and power, Leanne.

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  • Great blog Leanne. I’m genuinely at a loss at times with regards how in this age of information people choose to stay ignorant. I think the only explanation is Stockholm Syndrome – protecting their captor at the detriment of their own mental and physical health.

    Time is running out – look at Australia and New Zealand! We will be next! They want the children. Us adults are in the way – I hope this resonates with at least one person.

    Remember – they government hate you. You are worth more to them dead than alive.

    Elizabeth Ann

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