Things Are Looking Up

Things are looking up!

More and more food places are opening (for takeaway)…. now is this really a good thing, well it’s giving me a break from cooking, but also giving me far too many temptations…I think at this point you can gather that I love food. I live to eat, not eat to live.

I have actually enjoyed cooking but I’m shocked how much money we have spent on food, it’s crazy! One thing I have really missed is eating out. My mouth is watering thinking about all the places I want to go to eat once they are open again.

As I write this I am doing a 36 hour water fast. I saw my friend had done it on her Insta and thought, yes, I could really do with giving my body a rest!

Fasting isn’t for everyone but has some amazing benefits, detox, cell rejuvenation, lose fat, increase immunity among other things. I have just been feeling so bloated lately, I confess I have a sweet tooth where chocolate is concerned and I’m not sure what it is that is causing the bloating.

What makes me more disappointed is that I have been exercising 5 times a week, so it can be disheartening when I still look 6 months pregnant!

So me, Halle and my friend are all taking part…safety in numbers I always say! Only thing is, we are all currently sitting on the sofa moaning every time the door goes, and shouting Lilia or Lola to answer it, watching the minutes go by while stating how starving we are every 30 seconds and trying to comfort each other by talking about food porn.

I’m sure it will all be worth it, the main thing with fasting is to make sure when you do eat you don’t go sit in a Mac Donald’s queue for 2 hours because we all know how that ends and I’m damned if this is going to be for nothing.

Hopefully this is give me the boost I need.

I have been experimenting with some desserts, though relatively healthy ones, such as brownies with sweet potato courtesy of my mates ‘beats & baking’ and they were sooooooo good! Banana brea- yum!…. See I’m doing it again! Ok Leanne, focus!

In other news I have done another wild swim. If you have never tried this you must! It’s incredible, and once again has so many wonderful benefits for you body. Look at the Wim Hof breathing method, he says a cold shower each day most definitely keeps the doctor away!

I have done a swim three times now and the first two were smack in the middle of winter and were f**king cold! Getting in is one thing but getting back out to the cold and going into some sort of shivering wreck resembling someone being electrocuted is another thing all together. The last one was most definitely my favourite. it was a beautiful sunny morning and didn’t hurt one bit!

Apart from that another wonderful thing to come from this lockdown life is discovering some wonderful countryside and stunning views right under our noses, and for that I’m very grateful. My dog is living his best life, aaaah Marley Moo! He is my boy, literally attached to my hip. Halle says she is convinced he also came out of my womb. At least he doesn’t shout MUUUMMMM every 2 mins! I think I have switched off to that label now. My kids have started calling me Leanne, it’s the only way I respond! Haha!

Anyway let’s see what the next few weeks will bring. Hopefully I will have lost a stone by then, or maybe the restaurants will be open and I will have put a stone on! Who knows? It’s more about being happy in your own skin and having balance!

Eat (well) Sleep (soundly) Work (productively) Repeat (with love)

With love Leanne x


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