The Real Benefits Of Meditating

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Hello lovelies, how’re you all doing this week? I wanted to speak about something today that I’m really passionate about and believe with a little more information you will be too! I also think this post will shed some light on these darker times, something a little more positive than my last few blogs.

For most people, I think sitting down and being with your thoughts for 10-20 minutes a day can be quite daunting. A lot of the time, the things we sit and think about are the things that consume our day to day lives. Usually quite negative and overwhelming thoughts.

This is where I introduce my love for meditation because it’s all about turning those unkind thoughts and feelings into something more positive and content.

As someone who is a busy mum to three beautiful girls, with a fast-paced lifestyle, getting that time to myself in the evenings or sometimes in the mornings is something I really look forward to. I make sure I schedule that time into my day no matter how busy I am because it is so important to set aside a bit of ‘me time’.

I really believe that as soon as someone discovers the true benefits of meditation, their life truly changes, I know mine did. Meditation really gives you the time to be aware of your surroundings, listen to your body, and acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. It has been proven to reduce stress significantly and less stress means less anxiety and worry.

Whether you’re someone who struggles with mental wellbeing or perhaps you just have a bad day here and there, meditating promotes emotional health and a clearer mind, leading to happier days, less disruptive periods of sleep, and a more positive healthy outlook on life. You will feel so much healthier overall, both physically and mentally.

One of many studies shows that mindfulness meditations decreased depression in over 4,600 adults.

With figures like that, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it! It allows me to ride my thoughts like waves, acknowledge them and then let them float away, I no longer have the mindset that these thoughts are going to swallow me for weeks on end and this is because I meditate daily. Acknowledging your thoughts, understanding them, and letting them float away allows you to wake up in the morning with a clearer more positive mind and ready to start the day with nothing but positive energy.

You will slowly start to notice the relationships around you change, the way you perceive challenges and obstacles, how your overall outlook on life changes, the happiness and contentment you feel within yourself, and the kindness you give out to others.

As I felt myself falling more and more in love with meditating and seeing notable changes in my life, I knew I wanted to share my journey and experience with you all. This is when I decided to create my very own meditation mp3’s. Having the full freedom to really speak words from my heart and something that would be so relatable to so many filled me with so much joy. Being able to spread positivity to you guys through With Love Leanne meditations is amazing. I wanted to make sure every meditation I wrote was helpful in different ways from the next, which is why I chose to target important topics, from Focus, Giving and Receiving, to Manifesting and Nature, it was important to me that it didn’t just stop and start at becoming more positive because it is far more than that.

You have the freedom to choose which meditation you need in that very moment in time in your life, whatever area of guidance or clarity you’re seeking, there will be a meditation for you on With Love Leanne. If you want to purchase a one-off buy to see the beauty of meditation you can take your pick of which one catches your eyes or maybe you want to buy the bundle and experience the full journey, whichever one, the option is all yours.

If you’re still sceptical about the incredible changes meditation can have on your life then give one a go and I promise you won’t look back!

With Love, Leanne


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