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So news this week… it’s been a pretty quiet week to be honest, after the retreat I was so exhausted mentally I needed a rest!

I missed doing my show on Shinny’s Facebook page last week, so it was good to be back. Everyone is so lovely and supportive on there and I am loving being involved in such an incredible movement with some amazing people, together battling against mental health issues, recovery and addiction.

Manuel from @getfit4mentalwellness had a couple of people on his live that demonstrated what an impact this can have on people, in such a positive way. A young girl, called Monique, opened up about her abuse, and after hearing Manny’s story, told how she has now stopped self harming!

Such an incredible, inspirational guy, Manny has been through a horrific ordeal through his life and has come through it all with nothing but compassion and love to help others overcome their hardships in life. Same goes for the other guys. It’s so overwhelming on the show…the people that are brave enough to open up and speak their truth. I’m honoured to be part of it! It truly doesn’t matter who we are, every single person will experience mental health issues at some point, and awareness is vital…knowing that someone is there and willing to listen.

With this world as it is right now, I have been experiencing my own emotional breakdowns from time to time, and that’s OK as one thing I have learned is that the worst thing we can do is to suppress our emotions. Sometimes even just a good cry can help. It’s OK not to be ok!

Soooo with that said, let’s address the elephant in the room! This is going to be a long one and some may find hard to read but I must speak my truth…if you choose to read I appreciate your time.

If you follow my story on my personal page, you will know exactly what my thoughts are on this virus, vaccines, social distancing, masks and now the most indescribable evil that walks the earth, child trafficking. I have up to know withheld my views on here especially as I have only wanted to spread love and positive energy, which I will continue to do, but with that said I feel I am not being real if I don’t truly express how I feel about the things going on in the world at the moment!

My own journey began when I started to question the HPV and flu vaccines that we are expected to give our healthy children. It didn’t sit right with me and I began looking into vaccines and how effective they really are? The history of them? The truth that is not told about the facts of them? The safety testing of them? The so called placebo tests of them? The ingredients in them? The training given to doctors when in medical school on vaccines? The incentives that are given to doctors to give them? The business that is big pharma, what’s in it for them, what liability do they have? Facts and numbers of vaccine injuries caused by them (the ones that are recorded) and what studies have been carried out against vaccinated and unvaccinated?

Putting it into perspective, that the longest lasting recorded, so-called immunity, from a vaccine would be 10 years at best therefore, doesn’t that mean every adult walking the earth is no longer covered by the vaccines they had as a child? But hey, we seem to survive…maybe that’s because we have something called an immune system? Therefore every time people go crazy calling out anti vaxxers branding them a danger to society for not vaccinating their children, surely they themselves are too as they would no longer be covered either!

Plus I don’t understand why, if anyone wishes to vaccinate their children and has complete faith in them for protecting them against these diseases, why would they be so worried about an unvaccinated child if they are so effective!

All questions I asked myself and when I did my own research what I found was completely horrifying. I felt like such a terrible mother for allowing my children to be vaccinated without actually knowing the answers or even having a second thought back then. The reason is, we assume the doctors know best…I have since found out a lot of doctors themselves don’t even know the ingredients either or what effect they can have on the human body? Isn’t it alarming how we go into a restaurant and expect the menu to state all the ingredients on the menu and ask if there are any allergies that should be made aware of in case of a reaction to what we are about to be served, yet we willingly allow doctors to inject our unborn foetus and then again immediately after taking their first breath, with a toxic syringe that can dramatically alter the genetics of a baby that has no immune system and cause irreparable damage without even knowing what ingredients are in them!!! We owe it to our children and the next generation to look into this and so much more!

It is being called The Great Awakening for a very good reason.

The mask rule that is going ahead next week, this initially started to get to me as I will not be wearing a mask and there is absolutely no reason why any healthy or non medical person should be wearing either. To me it’s a muzzle and a sign of civil obedience and has been continually proven to not provide any effect whatsoever to protect anyone from any airborne or so called deadly disease that has a 99.99 survival rate. As well as the proof the tests are completely inaccurate, Leicester admitting they counted them twice as well as the government now admitting that the fatalities have been falsely inflated. The trouble is the media has projected so much fear into the public that it seems so many are just not hearing the truth now, as they have been so brainwashed into thinking there is a deadly virus to fear if you walk outside IN THE FRESH AIR!

We need bacteria and viruses to create a healthy immune system…it’s not rocket science. The government has continuously, only stated deaths and cases on the news, from the TV and radio to the press, yet not one single word on how many have recovered, how many are only mildly infected are how many are asymptomatic.

The WHO FDA and CDC all stated it’s extremely difficult to pass on ‘the virus’ if you are asymptomatic as well as to pick up from a contaminated surface…… sooooo remind me why are we social distancing and why are we being forced to wear these muzzles?

If people took the time to take responsibility for their health there would be absolutely nothing to worry about. A virus can only effect you once it is in your system and then has a host which then multiplies. If your immune system is healthy then it will not be able to take hold… your immune system is your barrier. So why isn’t the government telling the public exactly what to eat, what supplements are best to take, get regular exercise, fresh air, vitamin D etc? Not one word of any of the above, only stay inside and wash your hands and use hand sanitizer which incidentally is incredibly toxic and this is being doused all over our kids multiple times especially if in school!

I will urge you to do some deep research, and not on google, about all the information that is coming out and is going to continue to do so! Be prepared to be shocked. It’s not going to be easy for people to accept or comprehend… judgement day is coming and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it!

There is so, so much more happening behind this smoke screen of brainwashing and fear driven news…pedophilia and child trafficking has had me awake for many nights learning about how massive this is, the high profile people involved… it’s all so sickening. We can go about our lives and turn a blind eye to what’s out there as let’s face it, it’s so difficult to read about, it’s easier to not acknowledge it, but think about if it was your child or a child of a family you knew…it’s happening worldwide, millions of children have suffered and will continue to if we don’t put a spotlight on this and work to put an end to it! Children are a bigger commodity than drugs or anything else. This is a business… selling children to be abused or used for organ harvesting-it’s sick!

Together we can make a change. We can protest about black lives…why not about ALL CHILDREN’S LIVES, our next generation, the future of our world?!

I care about humanity and the future of our world. We need to show our children we did something, that we spoke out about the evil, we helped to raise awareness. When all is done, I want to look at my grandchildren or great grandchildren in their eyes when they ask ‘did you know what was happening in 2020 when the world shut down, when everyone realised they had been under a spell? Did you do anything to help? Did you put up a fight or did you just sit back and let them take your freedom and your children’s freedom?

The world is beginning to wake up from a deep, deep sleep that we have all been in for so long. It may feel like it’s getting worse before it gets better… the world is purging right now, there is light shining through every single person that has now woken and is spreading the love and light. You may think by sharing and talking and living in a vibration of love and showing compassion to others will not make a difference but you are wrong…this is doing more that you think!

Look up the Schumann resonance and the Maharishi effect. These are the kind of things we need to be educated on. Energy is more powerful and completely underestimated, and it’s something that we can all do collectively, which will far outweigh the evil in the world.

I will close this blog by saying I know I will be ruffling a few feathers with this one. Some will agree, some will strongly disagree. Some may be open to finding answers to the subjects raised. The point is, everyone is on their own journey and if the time is right for you to be infuriated with my opinions then that is where you are in your journey right now and I wish you well. I truly believe we will all wake when the time is right to do so, that’s ok… I wish you love, truth and happiness.

Thank you to everyone that has helped wake me up. I applaud your bravery and courage to continue to fight against the evil! And for those who have now passed or been silenced in their fight to expose the truth I am forever grateful and know your deaths will not be in vain as you watch from above, helping guide us through this! Judgement day is coming! So be ready!

With so much love and light, Leanne x

p.s. Don’t forget I will be going live on Instagram page on Wednesday at 8pm, so feel free to drop in and join me.

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Comments (3)

  • This post is so refreshing to read.
    Totally agree with the all points that you have raised.
    Thank you Leanne xx

    pam smyth
  • I just wanted to say, I read your whole post and I agree these are frightening times. But all we adults need to sit with our difficult emotions and work through them, and get to a place where we can, for whatever reason, wear a mask when we go out. It will do us (the mask wearers) no harm. But it could kill someone if we don’t. Please, please, please. Wear a mask.

    Melanie Williams
  • Hi Leanne, I agree with everything you have researched and spoken about, the world is waking up and it’s thanks to people like you for awakening us all 🙏🙏


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