Hello lovelies!

Hope all is well! Are we hanging on in there?

I know things are definitely still upside down right now and a lot of people are struggling with the uncertainty of life!

When will it end? Will it go back to the way it was? What is normal? Do you even want it to go back to normal? What is life truly about? Is this rat race all that there is? Eat sleep, work repeat? What is the end goal? What are we striving for?

Is it possible that our perception of life, happiness and contentment has been misconstrued over time? Have we been brainwashed into thinking that to be truly happy we have to work all the hours to have all the best material wealth, the biggest house, the fanciest car, the expensive bags, clothes and shoes money can buy? Will this bring us ultimate happiness? Fame and fortune equals happiness, equals love, adoration? Or is this just an illusion of the ego.

We are surrounded everywhere we look, with things we should want, things we should crave…do we really think if we have everything we desire in a heartbeat, of external objects, that this would bring us eternal happiness? Of course not!

Maybe for a short time, then we would realise things can’t fill us, only we can do that internally. Only we can fill us with love for ourselves, no thing or object or even another person can do that for us! Sure they can add to bursts of happiness and as for another person that we love, they can share our love, but without being truly full of love for ourselves we will never be truly happy!

To be with another we need to be one whole person not half a person looking for another to make one whole!
Two whole people come together to share their love for themselves and one another!

Last week I lost a dear friend, a childhood friend. We shared some wonderful times, beautiful memories together. He was such a charismatic guy that could light up the room with a smile and a wink. He had become poorly from the beginning of the year and I heard about this over lockdown so I couldn’t go to visit! Once the lockdown lifted it was on my list to do, to go visit him. Weeks went by and although this was still in my mind there was always something else going on and I didn’t make it a priority!

A couple of weeks ago I said to myself ‘ok I am going next week!’ The next day I got a phone call from my Aunty telling me, Michael had lost his battle. I was so upset, I instantly beat myself up about not getting my shit together in time to see him! It was too late.

It really made me think about how we put things off in our lives and don’t take action and do or say what we are going to! Life is so precious, so short… in a blink it can be taken away. I always put things off all too often and this was a reminder to stop saying I’ll do it tomorrow and just do it. Do you have someone your putting off seeing or ringing or something you really need to do? Don’t put it off! Just do it, get it done!

I always try to practice gratitude daily, but it’s easy to forget and get caught up in our thoughts and worries and fears about the future, things we did or didn’t do that play on our minds and have an effect on our well being and our present moment. It’s that little bit of awareness that creates a shift in our minds to just be able to stop and connect and appreciate life itself from the very tiniest of things. Gratitude is like a little seed that when you feed it, it grows and grows and the more you do it the more you find to be grateful for!

Start with waking up just thanking the fact you did that…wake up!! A brand new day is waiting for you to claim it, if you wake up with dread and fear about today the chances are you will carry those emotions with you through the day. Emotions carry an energy and a vibration, which will attract the same.

Have you ever woke up, the alarm didn’t go off, you slept in, you’re so late you jump out of bed, shouting and screaming at the kids to get up and get ready, already in a bad mood stressing about the day ahead, anxiety through the roof, what usually happens? Everything takes a downward spiral, can’t find your shoes, the kids are missing part of their uniforms, the toast burns, the car won’t start or you have no fuel and no time to get any, the traffic is terrible, there is no parking spaces at work! You’re late for your meeting, you spill coffee down your blouse and so it goes on!

This is a series of events stemming from your chain of thoughts and the vibration you’re projecting…getting up 20 minutes late, that state of panic and stress you send yourself into a frenzy of negative energy, which is just attracting more of the same and you don’t even realise you’re doing it to yourself.

You begin to ask yourself, ‘why is this happening to me?’ ‘What did I do to deserve this?’

Everything is a vibrational match to what you are projecting. So let’s just think about it for a second…imagine waking up, ok the alarm clock didn’t go off so you’re late (not ideal)…imagine having that ability to create an awareness of being able to say ‘ok, so now we are late, what’s the worst that can happen…it’s done now, I can’t go back 20 mins, I’m just going to take a few seconds to be still, take a deep breath and put my hand on my heart and say thank you for this day, thank you to my heart and I love you unconditionally, today is going to be a good day, I’m gonna be a bit late but it’s ok, it’s not going to kill me to be late one day, no one is going to be harmed because I’m late everything is going to be ok’!

By doing this simple step before you move out of your bed, you’re allowing your mind to focus, stay grounded and connected and in alignment with your love vibration. When you get up and wake up your kids instead of doing so like a crazy person, you can do with a presence of calmness, let them know they are to get a scoot on, but when done gently everything will continue to flow and I bet if you timed both scenarios the latter will be the one where you save the most time, all the things that would have gone wrong will now flow effortlessly!

So remember, you wake and lie there for a second just be present in the moment and say thank you for this day, thank you heart for beating through the night, thank you for my comfy bed and blankets for the warmth, thank you for the roof over my head! Instantly installing good positive thoughts running through your soul. Your day will reflect your thoughts and how you react to situations that come your way. The way you choose to start your day will have a massive impact on it!

‘It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude, it’s gratitude that brings us happiness’

Sending love and gratitude to you all!

With love Leanne x

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