Hey beautiful people!

What an amazing week here at With Love Leanne…lots of exciting announcements of new products! I hope you are enjoying site.

I am so in love with the baby romper, it’s so cute…it almost made me broody! ????

The necklaces have just been added too and keyrings!

Meditations are coming soon and will be available to download…I can’t wait for you to hear them!

I always appreciate your support ????????, and if you have any feedback or there’s something else you would love to see on the site, then please let us know.

Talking of support and friendships, I truly am so lucky to have some wonderful people in my life. This weekend was one of my longest friends birthday’s…we have been friends for 26 years. It’s rare you find friends you can hold close to your heart and always know they are there for you no matter what! Through ups and downs, madness and calmness. We have had some incredible experiences together and very crazy times that I prefer not to go into too much detail about, but let’s just say I am very thankful that I am old enough that social media was not a thing when I was younger as I definitely would not like the pics still circulating now lol! We had the good old throwaway Kodak’s. It was so exciting taking the pics, pissed out of our heads, and then getting them developed and feeling so excited to see them, only to find they were usually of the floor or someone’s boob or god knows what else!! We were lucky if there was one nice one of us haha! The good old days for sure!

We managed to get away this weekend to the Lake District close to my home town, we hired a motor home and climbed the three peaks. It’s was so beautiful to be up there in the mountains without a care in the world, away from the madness with no phone signal and a good digital detox… it was actually liberating. Something I need to do more of! Oh how things have changed from us clubbing until the early hours celebrating, to now doing real grown up things. I absolutely loved every minute. I think it’s going to be my new found love! Although maybe we might ditch the van for a B and B as dealing with emptying the toilet was not so much fun! Haha! We laughed so much my belly hurt. I truly believe when you begin to grow and love yourself you begin to attract your vibe and surround yourself with people that support and add value to your life in some way or another and for that I am grateful to have my tribe.

As we go through life, friends may come and go and I now know why! Every passing friend or relationship has a reason… sometimes it’s tough and difficult to understand what or why things happen and we get hurt in the process but it’s only when we look back at those experiences and realise it was a lesson for us to learn from or maybe it was a beautiful passing, a moment in time we had the pleasure of feeling love, lust, connection, companionship. It may feel painful and that we may never recover, but this is never the case as time always moves forward not back and we can’t change what has happened in the past but we can change how we feel about this moment and in turn let go of the old habits to be able to make way for a better future. This is so common in life and we seem to get onto a cycle of familiarity and that somehow feels comfortable as it’s what we have known from the past, whether it’s behaviour passed from our exposure from our parents or maybe a past experience of our own. History can repeat itself. This is of course not true, history does not repeat itself we are creating the same experiences in a different relationship.

This is the beauty of learning about meditation, mindfulness and being present makes you aware of how your thoughts effect your minds ability and can create more of the same but also can create a whole new wonderful future too if you allow it! The past may feel comfortable but it’s an illusion, it’s familiarity, there’s a big difference!

Growing up I have struggled with lots of different relationships and been hurt many times in the process. It’s easy to play the victim and wonder ‘why is it always me’

If there’s one very important thing I have learned in the process of my own experiences is that if we are able to take responsibility for what happens in our lives to an extent (I mean if it’s something that happens as a child then it’s out of our control) but generally there is always something we can take from it and say actually I allowed that, it was my fault that happened, I’m not saying you deserve it but there’s usually a choice and that choice may be tough and scary as hell but there is one, that maybe, if we chose differently the path would be different too.

It’s of course alright saying this, as hindsight is a beautiful thing, but then, and this is even more important once we take that element of responsibility, then we must and I MEAN WE MUST FORGIVE! It may be forgiveness of someone else that hurt you? Or forgiveness of yourself for hurting someone else or even just for allowing yourself to let this situation take place.

Forgiveness is key to letting go and moving forward. This takes away the power it holds over you! Each and every time this may come into your awareness to haunt you, remember this is not who you are and it definitely does not define you, now forgive yourself for even thinking it and bringing it back into your reality!

That is a choice you have, to let thoughts move on (thank you for the reminder of that is not who you are) and now I forgive you kindly! Let’s get creating a whole new set of thoughts a whole new day… a whole new future!

Remember, the universe is working for you not against you. In this lifetime what is sent for you is a lesson to be learned from, it’s to mould you into the person you are today! You are an incredible being and you are tougher than you think. Your mind is only as powerful as you allow it to be!

That is your choice, make it a great one, always!

With love and light always Leanne xxx

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