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Hey all you wonderful people!

Launch week was a huge success and I want to thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart for following and supporting With Love Leanne!

It’s such an exciting time and this is just the beginning…there is so much more to come.

To everyone that has purchased a bag or t-shirt, I hope you love them as much as I do and I can’t wait for the orders to arrive with you this week.

The words I chose are important right now and I hope it comes as a beautiful reminder for people to remember who we really are. Love is the highest vibration, it’s a frequency we all have access to, let’s channel love, freedom, compassion and peace to all!

So, quick update from my last blog. I mentioned myself, Halle
and Lenka were trying to do a 36 hour fast! Good news we did it! It actually wasn’t so bad! We ate a healthy dinner after………. and then I ate 6 biscuits in the evening. Soooooo slight fail from me but I take full responsibility for my actions and I will do next better next time. (They were good biscuits though).

On a Tuesday evening’s I have just joined The Shinny Show on Facebook Live at 9pm. My show is about all things positive, self love with a meditation at the end. I am 3 weeks in and loving it. Every night of the week there is a different show with lots of advice about mental health and mindset, for example, the lovely Dr Andre has just discovered a new test to check for which vitamins you are deficient in, which sounds interesting…I’ll let you know how it goes. There is so much going on inside of us we just aren’t aware of, everyone reacts differently and absorbs foods and vitamins at different rates, so it will be really insightful to know what I need to be eating more or less of. As the saying goes ‘you are what you eat!’ (in which case I would probably be a packet of biscuits) my bloating has been ongoing so hopefully may have an affect on that too!

In other news…..

As you may know I am patron of the charity, One Woman at a Time, founded by my dear friend Jean Anderson, who is one of the most selfless beautiful souls I have ever met! We support women and young girls that are at risk or subject to FGM (female genital mutilation) gender, bad violence and forced marriage!

Predominantly in Africa and India, learning about the struggles women face around the world has been a huge eye opener, having 3 girls of my own and the thought of them having to go through FGM or forced marriage at such a young age just horrified me. It’s been an honour to support them, I also got the chance to visit Kenya and India and meet the girls we sponsor, which was the most humbling experience I have ever had!

The next fundraiser we are doing is snowdonia by stairs! This was obviously supposed to be the Snowdonia By Night challenge, but because of lockdown it’s been cancelled.

In Kenya right now lockdown is also in place even though there has been little or no cases and life is tough, the rain is bad and is washing away the seeds and because of the lack of food and money the girls are getting cut and sold at an alarming rate, it’s so sad! They are desperate for food and shelter. I know things are hard all round the world and there’s many people struggling…when I visited Kenya, to see how they lived in mud huts without running water and electricity, things are hard at the best of times. We provide a safe place by giving them schooling, which is live, but now the schools are closed they have no protection and are having to flee their villages and fend for themselves if they don’t want to be cut and sold to someone old enough to be their grandfather!

So I would love you to get involved in our fundraiser Snowdonia By Steps. It’s happening on 27th June, it’s about 4500 steps (easy peasy) and you can do it right at home! Plus get your steps in and keep fit (this is literally my mums dream challenge, she is addicted to her Fitbit, she will jump up from the table to walk around to reach her step goals she is the master stepper, sometimes up to 30,000 steps a day, puts me to shame).

If you would like to get involved in our Snowdonia challenge, please email [email protected] or if you would like to donate feel free to do so at

Every little helps, every penny can make a difference, £5 a week can pay for a girls education and £5 can also pay for reusable sanitary towels that will last up to 12 months. There’s so much that can be done with so little, so please join us in making a difference.

Forever grateful for you!

With Love Leanne xxx

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