Finding Positivity In Negative Times

Helloooooo! ????????❤️

How is everyone holding up? Can things get any crazier?

We are all definitely being challenged right now and I feel for everyone!

It’s so sad to see businesses struggling to stay a float with the stupid restrictions that don’t make any sense whatsoever…a virus that is only deadly after the 10pm? I mean come on guys!

This is just crippling the economy even more…it’s all about control, not about a virus which is gone! The daily announcements of deaths on MSM stating, sneakily in the small print, that anyone who died, that had a positive covid test within 28 DAYS!!! ???? that isn’t from covid, like I have said people die everyday, that’s part of life…these people are making this shit up as they go along.

I also saw recently on Sky News that the tests are only 7% accurate and the other 93% are false positives, yet this is what they are basing their information on and the fear mongering coming from the news everyday.

People have become so indoctrinated in the #RULES and are blindly falling in line with the conspiracy theory predictions, which clearly are not a conspiracy no more.

I am continually infuriated at people and how stupid they are. The statistics are truth in plain sight…below a 5 year average of fatality rate, so where is the pandemic ????????‍♀️?

I am sick of talking about it but I will not stop until people wake up and get up and fight for their freedom. Everything is slowly being stripped from us and it’s been done so slowly it’s going unnoticed to many!

On the plus side I know there are shifts occurring everyday. People are realising and standing strong. The messages I get help keep the faith I am doing the right thing!

This goes so deep it’s mind blowing, the consciousness needs to keep rising for us to go into a new world. (Not the new world order) just a new more beautiful world, the one we are supposed to be living… full of humans that are spreading love and compassion and wanting the best for each other not snitching on each other for having family in their own home!

It makes me sick how people are so quick to get on a power trip and are riddled with bitterness and hate for their fellow humans. We are born to love, we have been brainwashed by the programming from the television ???? every program every piece of news, Disney film and movie has been done strategically to pre program us for what is happening right now.

For all you light workers out there trying to wake others for years and made to look crazy I salute you. Must have been so lonely knowing this information and not being believed. Soon the world will know and I for one am extremely looking forward to the day when people are able to see the extent of the corruption that has gone on in the world and begin to make changes to be self sufficient and create a more beautiful world for our children!

Speaking of which, I had an incredible meeting with Dean Garnet, a MMA fighter from Liverpool, who is well and truly woke! He had some really good information, as does Danielle from UK Freedom Keepers. Both have done extensive research on vaccines and the dangers of them. Danielle has a vaccine injured child and is building a network of families such as hers they are unaware of the compensation scheme from the government. Her aim is to provide information for parents to feel confident to ask vital questions when asked to vaccinate their children, as most are frightened to death fear of branded an anti vaxxer! This is so horrifying and you are entitled to know and be educated on what is being injected into your child.

As I’m writing this and understanding that people just go along with what they assume is the best thing for their child it reminds me of my response to female genital mutilation and how I just couldn’t comprehend how they would allow that to happen to their child especially having been through it themselves and I remember Jean, from the charity One Woman At A Time, telling me they are more frightened of being ostracised from their community, outcasted and shamed from the people they live with…their family friends! That is exactly what is going on not just with vaccinations but masks too! We are so fearful of standing out and being ostracised we are just complying with the tyranny.

I have also been made aware of another group that has been created to be the voice of our children in the education system right now to protect their rights, it’s on Facebook and is a group of parents that have got together to make sure our children are not overlooked, it seems there is a voice for teachers but not for students and they deserve to be heard and protected. It’s called UsForThem. Check out the link below to read more and give them a follow on Facebook for more info!

So my meeting this week, was also about starting our own education system or at least a local school for a start. I am not happy with what’s happening in schools right now with students being made to wear masks etc. The more I hear about covid testing going on in schools and vaccinations that are not consensual, it makes me more determined to do this and we have some ideas, very early days but the beginning is making a plan and a goal of where I see the future.

We also talked about purchasing some land and growing food to make sure we know where it’s coming from and is organic and healthy. I know a lot of people are doing this for themselves already but we aim to have enough that we can create jobs and goodness through real wholesome
food! Let’s face it, our food is full of poison now we don’t even realise what we are eating.

The water we drink, that we trust is being filtered and cleaned, is perhaps not so clean! There are things we can do to help us get the nutrients we need and water is such an important energy and we truly don’t realise how connected we are to it…we are 70% water.

Water is an energy and is meant to flow, to be at it’s best for our consumption, if you think about every pipe and the so called purification (more like polluted) system that it goes through, it’s picking up on all that energy, which is not in its natural flow and it’s just so fascinating when you truly understand the earth and how we should be working with it, not allowing it to be infiltrated with the poison it is, the big companies mass production of food which is full of crap.

I would recommend the book ‘hidden messages in water’ by Dr Masaru Emoto to understand the power of water and the energy it holds, how it responds to our energy and that of the frequency it’s exposed to. I am really wanting to explore this and more on how foods and medicine are available for us in a natural source. I believe there is a plant or herb for every illness on the planet and that the information has been kept from us to keep us indoctrinated in the system so we are so reliant on big pharma, which, let’s face it, are the ones getting rich while the world gets sicker.

So lots of positive things going on right now to help build the future we all want and deserve but first the sheep need to rise from their deep sleep and be in alignment with who we are meant to be. We are all one and we will get through this TOGETHER!

Sending love, light and empowering energy to you all!

With love Leanne xxx

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