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Hi all, thanks for joining me on the live this week. I’m sure we all have plenty of reservations about sending our children back to school next week. These rules and restrictions resemble something more like a prison of war camp or military school!

I am concerned about how this is going to effect them mentally as I do believe it is completely unnecessary…well you know my views on masks of course and the whole covid ‘plandemic’. There are mountains and mountains of evidence now to prove that this is nothing more than control and social conditioning and now they are coming for our children!

The masks, social distancing, the temperature checks, the testing, the track and trace, constant use of hand sanitizer. Even the threat of them being isolated without consent! It’s all very disturbing.

I really wanted to do the live to try give us parents a bit of encouragement and empower you to speak up for the well-being of your child. We seem to be so programmed from our own schooling to be almost fearful of standing up to the teachers and schools, to let them know what is and isn’t OK for the welfare of our children. There were various points that I discussed that are important are put down in writing. In the event of any chance of the school trying to exercise or change the government guidelines without your consent, you can make sure there will be repercussions. If you say nothing then your child is fair game for all of the above. I know quite a few of you have messaged me and I have managed to get the email I sent as a template to you. I hope you find it helpful, and for those that missed it, I thought it would be much easier to include it in this blog! See below……

To whom is may concern,

Re: Corona Virus Protocol

I am writing regarding the return of Name of child to year 9 in September and as I’m sure you have had lots of emails from parents stating the concerns over the restrictions put in place.

………. has enjoyed her time at …….. school so far and I would like to thank the teachers for making her stay there a happy one.

With that said I have a number of concerns regarding the opening of school.

Firstly regarding wearing masks, ………is exempt from wearing them and so will refrain from doing so. I would appreciate you respect ……… privacy of why she is not wearing one and make sure staff are fully aware and refrain from requesting her to do so. This comes under the equalities act 2010 and discrimination disability act, of where it is illegal to ask someone if they have a hidden disability or what that is! It would also be incumbent on the staff to instruct all pupils and staff on the law regarding masks and exemptions, to ensure nobody without a mask is discriminated against, which is illegal under the equalities act and could result in the school being sued.

With regards to temperature checks, I’m not sure of this is something that will be carried out on a regular basis but I do not give consent to ……. having her temperature checked on her forehead with a infrared thermometer gun. I am not comfortable with the psychological connotations of my daughter/son repeatedly having a gun being pointed on her head and there also may be short term and long term effects of this device being pointed at a developing brain especially as it’s directly at the pineal gland. I would urge you to do some further research on this and refrain from doing so on any students heads. The more accurate way of taking a temperature is in fact a wrist. So I therefore demand that is done so in this was if at all necessary.

I have included the link with this information;

I do not give consent to my daughter to be tested for covid or any other virus if she was to become ill or have any of the symptoms I also demand that I am called to pick up …….. and bring her home and arrange independent medical care, as I would with any other illness.

I do not agree with the rules regarding hand sanitizer containing strong and harmful toxic chemicals as well as all the cleaning products which are being coated throughout the school on a very regular basis this is worrying to say the least. Hand sanitizers permeate the skin and the bloodstream as well as causing dermatitis and destroying vital beneficial bacteria on the skin, essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. I do not consent for this to be forced at any time from any third party. Soap and water will be sufficient. I will supply ……….with a non toxic hand sanitizer but I will be instructing her to use it sparingly not the required amount as I believe it is completely unnecessary and more detrimental than good.

My daughter/son and I do not consent to the participation for the NHS track and trace scheme and do not want our personal details passed over the the NHS or any other organisation/agency for the purpose of track and trace or any other reason. Any agency having or using our data without our consent is in breach of the GDPA and therefore illegal.

As stated in the handbook regarding breach of the rules such as social distancing etc will be given warnings and then put in isolation and maybe excluded. While I understand you are trying to follow this indoctrination from the government guidelines which frankly I find diabolical I feel this can be something that may get out of hand these are children and have not seen each other for a long time how you expect to treat them like in mates in a prison of war camp is beyond me. I trust you will be having a great deal of compassion in this instance and if ……. does for that reason become isolated I will be wanting to understand why and how. These are children let’s not forget you are there to help and support them not make them scared to death. I am appalled regarding the masks mandate even in the corridors it’s a sign of control and slavery and does nothing to stop a virus and there is scientific proof to back this.

I am slightly concerned about the amount of fresh air the students will be getting through the day can you verify this in more detail.
What forms of PE will be taking place through the week?

Finally regarding vaccinations. I do not consent to any form of vaccinations of any kind and neither does …….. In school or out.
Again I am unaware of any plans for this moving forward but if this was to arise I do not consent. I know they had a letter regarding HPV which I replied saying ………. is not having the vaccine so I assume parents will be informed of any plans to go ahead with this or any other vaccinations.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this very trying time. I would appreciate you replying to this to be perfectly clear on where we both stand on the wellbeing of my child, …….

I pray things go back smoothly and these restrictions are lifted indefinitely very very soon.

Kind regards

Feel free to use this as a template and share it for others to use!

This is an unpredictable time. I pray school goes back and the children settle in but I fear this is going to be a much longer road ahead! Mainly because of the conditioning and programming that has been happening for the last 6 months, we may be faced with children suffering far more with mental health issues, depression and anxiety. There has already been too many suicides throughout this, which no one seems to mention, many of which have been caused by the quarantine!

First and foremost we need to protect our children, our babies, from this as much as we can. Let them know they are loved. Let them know they will be protected.

I have been looking at school alternatives, even talking about free schools which, we, the people can start ourselves, with our own curriculum…imagine a school with classes of self healing, meditation, mindfulness, reiki, law of attraction, real lessons on how to live a healthy, happy life…not just based on what job you are going to get that makes the most money. This is a dream of mine and I really do believe it will happen in the near future. If this carries on, I will definitely be looking into it more.

If anyone has any more information or is interested in this, I would love to know. I am no school teacher for Maths and English…homeschooling did not go down well with me!!

What I could teach is how to love yourself, how to be mindful and calm the mind! Why is this not already in schools?? They are trying to now turn our children into robots, children were meant to be free spirits, to be able to find themselves at school, nurture their gifts and be given room to flourish!

This is my dream! Let’s manifest it!

In the meantime be strong, be empowered and speak out for your children before it’s too late!

With love and empowerment,
Leanne ❤️????????????????????????

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Comments (4)

  • Thankyou Leanne your a ⭐️

  • Hi Leanne,

    Fantastic letter and I will be using something similar when sending my 14 year old son back to school next week. To strengthen this letter further it might be worth mentioning along with the equality act, the human rights act.
    I am a health professional and this whole situation has made me question working within the NHS and I’m so surprised that so many of my colleagues are just following suit like sheep, they are supposed to be Intelligent people and they are so blinkered and ignorant to this Plandemic crap. If i share my views im looked at like I’m one of those crazy conspiracy theory nuts. It’s so frustrating.
    Let’s hope people wake up.
    It’s so Inspiring the awareness you are raising and I want to thank you for being brave and putting yourself and views out there for people to see
    Keep doing what your doing Leanne xx

    Danielle x ????

    Danielle Thornton
  • Hi Leanne, if you was to start a school of your own for the children I would absaloutley love for my child to attend something like this our children are our main priority and we need to do all we can to protect them at a time like this! I sure do hope this will all be over soon and that everyone wakes up to what’s really going on, please let me know if you start a school like you described as my daughter would definitely be interested! Also I admire your passion and you speaking the truth there needs to be more like you, your doing a brilliant job and Thankyou!
    Charlotte x

  • You go Leanne! I think what you are doing and the strength you are showing is amazing. These are terrifying times for our kids and we must do all we can to defend them and make the world a peaceful, happy and loving place for them to grow and thrive in. X


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